Automatic rewriting and unikalizatsiya of texts

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Automatic rewriting and unikalizatsiya of texts

The question of filling by a content costs more and more sharply therefore many sensible people work on creation of the scripts, giving the chance to create unique texts by means of an automatic rewriting. These software products are among such which do not manage to be stolen or «it is successful to localize» because of features of structure of Russian.

As a whole, the subject of an unikalizatsiya of the text is developed by mathematics already sufficiently. Aim here in satisfying requirements of search engines and to show them many pages of the unique text. In most cases the result of work of scripts-unikalizatorov needs «finishing to mind», reduction of style of the turned-out text to literary and to "revival". The plain texts reminding free journalistic reasonings on not too concrete subject most simply give in to an automatic rewriting. Business with highly specialized texts much more difficult is, here still in any way it is impossible to speak about an automatic unikalizatsiya, unless – about semi-automatic.

However, at 75 dollars as average for today the prices of the script providing level of uniqueness of 70 %, for the network projects calculated on large volumes of the text, it is possible to consider application of these programs profitable.

Large volumes of the content which has been filled in on a site after an automatic unikalizatsiya represent potential danger of sanctions in case of acceptance of more strict rules and requirements about sufficient uniqueness of texts the search Google service. However, for the projects which are creating on short-term prospect, this way of providing with a content and achievements of higher values of an index of PR it is necessary to consider economically as the most acceptable.

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