Free creation of Internet shop

Recently it wanted to me to make own Internet shop. My acquaintance is engaged in wholesale trade in the goods for large retail networks, and we with it found mutual understanding. Before me there was a task – to make a site the Internet of shop and that it was free. Having dug over the huge mountain of garbage, I managed to build very quite good Internet shop.

Free creation of Internet shop

On the Internet the large quantity of ready systems is offered. I will tell at once that unaided the professional to build qualitative Internet shop with a rich functional it will not turn out. More precisely, you can collect something reminding Internet shop, with quite curve or not being allocated design, or partially glyuchny functions, but no more than that. Present yourself for the first time on a building site where you should build the house! You do not build the house independently at lack of necessary skills, and address to experts. Here affairs are similarly. If you development of sites in Kursk interests, in the city very many studios of web-design work. If you consider that you will have enough knowledge, forces and time, read further.

The part of the systems which have got on my eyes costs enough quite good sums of money, there are also free decisions. First of all, I wanted to find suitable plug-ins for WordPress system. WordPress is a blogging system, but rather flexible and functional.

Among free plug-ins of Internet shop for WP on eyes the following got:

1) WordPress e-Commerce Plugin;
2) WordPress Quick Shop;
3) WordPress eShop.

In difference from the first, two last extend completely free of charge. WordPress e-Commerce in the fullest version will cost a certain money. After a kovyryaniye of WordPress it became clear that all this poor excuse for Internet shop, more serious decisions are required. Thus, mine the look fell on Joomla. This system was taken as a basis at Internet shop creation. Unfortunately, as well as with WordPress, here not to do without the help of the programmer.

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