ImageCMS is the control system let out two and a half years ago of a site which to allow to create projects of the most different orientation (personal pages, corporate sites, Internet shops). For management of a site the convenient administrative panel is used.

Appearance of the administrative ImageCMS panel

The Internet – shop on ImageCMS

To create Internet shop, clients should establish special expansion which name ImageCMS Shop turned out. At once we will make a reservation that this expansion only is available to owners of the paid CMS version. With its help it is possible to realize everything that about 90 percent of the Internet shops created in the CIS have.

From key features it is possible to note synchronization possibility about Yandex the Market, search in the goods status, its number, login, addition date. It is possible to attach images to any of the goods, to look through the users registered in Internet shop, history of orders, to create wish-sheets, to leave inquiries about emergence of interesting production. At registration clients can leave a large number of a contact information (the address, phone, the postal index, the e-mail address).

Developers of CMS promise to add in the future a mnogoyazychnost, support 1С (import and export of goods becomes completely automated). Owners of shop will have an opportunity the attendance analysis, there will be tools with statistics on orders. Well and the most expected innovation which will appear already soon is possibility of payment of the goods through payment systems Yandex. Money, QIWI, Receipt Sberbank.

Example of the shop created on ImageCMS

Corporate site or portal on ImageCMS

In CMS there are all necessary tools for creation of corporate sites or portals. It and a set of base modules, and the most convenient architecture of templates used for registration, and tools for project optimization under search engines and its translation into foreign languages.

Owners of corporate sites have possibility to operate both the general template of registration of a site, and appearance of the main page.

The wishing can integrate a multipurpose photo gallery, modules of authorization of users into the project

ImageCMS is capable to sustain huge loadings, and loadings both in the form of high attendance, and at addition of a large number of production (over 50 thousand are actual for Internet shops with quantity of the offered goods).

With assistance: Tender for electric installation work.

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