About the term "kastomizatsiya"

What is the kastomizatsiya (customer = "client", English)? This current in the field of development of sites and the web-design, not received considerable distribution.

The idea consisted that, coming on a site, the visitor could choose any settings changing design and structure of submission of information. For example, you could change color of a site, sequence of its headings and sections. At one time various tools of a kastomizatsiya were developed by designers, but in a real situation they did not show the need for the clients, almost all visitors simply ignored the present possibility. Therefore, why to load a site that does not bear useful loading.

At the same time with it process of improvement of browsers proceeded. In them there were functions of control of styles. As a matter of fact, the simplest example of a kastomizatsiya – to forbid the browser to load images. Here does not want people to distract on pictures and a photo, and wants to read only the text, and the problem easily is solved. In modern browsers there is a set of options of radical change of submission of information from these or those resources, and all the same almost nobody uses them. The normal user visits in day of ten sites, why to it to reflect on flowers and sequence of sections on specifically your resource?

As showed real experiment, the problem of finding of design most accepted for all is quite solved, and if something is not pleasant to someone, settings of the browser will always come to the rescue. Kastomizatsiya is actively applied today in such special directions of web-design, as control of individual services of the iGoogle type. There it is more pertinent and explainable.

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