The domain on the Internet

The domain on the Internet, as we know, is the special area of space containing different types of hierarchical names. As serving system the huge set of decisions consisting of servers of domain names (DNS) is applied. They are administered in the centralized mode. The domain name completely corresponds to used system.

Thus, it is possible to define an arrangement of network connection which gives out the owner of the address.

In case of registration of domains there is an opening of information on similar objects, and also the administrator, in the centralized information base. As a result, it is possible to guarantee uniqueness of the domain and receiving possibility of management by means of the manager, for online casino placement for example - Process of registration of the domain will come to the end, as soon as information in the general base will start to be used. Period of validity of system of registration of the domain is equal to the 1st year from the moment of its registration.

If to consider the domain in more detail, the sense of the address consists the following: any wishing can appear in a certain place. For example, having the correct postal address of the person, it will be possible to visit it during this or that period of time. In this case it is not necessary to worry that you will appear on a visit at somebody another. The similar situation now occurs and to Internet addresses.

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