What buy at Internet auctions?

Reasons for purchase or sale something unnecessary there can be a large quantity. Recently the set of electronic auctions is filled with similar information. It is possible to consider as the most suitable tool, allowing to realize these services this task.

It is known that mass purchases are carried out on the threshold of holidays. The Internet did not become an exception. It is necessary to tell that a lot of things depends on the period of year as during summer and winter time demand of buyers is accented on absolutely different things. The ratio of sales of new and second-hand production at Internet auctions makes about 60 % to 40 %. This indicator can strongly differ depending on the chosen category of the goods. For example, the smallest second-hand quantity of production is in the section "Household appliances", "Women's clothing", and the biggest - «Mobile phones and smartphones». But even here the share of new devices is higher than 50 %. It is necessary to tell that similar indicators remain stable already big period of time.

Let's pass to age of buyers which varies in an interval from 25 to 35 years. Generally purchases at Internet auctions are made by men. About 60 % of active online buyers happen on the Internet daily, and makes purchases directly from the house at any convenient time.

Most of all acquire production of average cost. The most great demand is observed on the new and not so expensive goods.

There is such factor as seasonality of purchases which influences a sales level of each Internet auction. The main peak of activity is observed before holidays when users start to get gifts. Falling of a sales level is observed during holidays, and also during some period after them. The hugest recession is fixed after New year.

The goods which were in use use considerable demand among consumers, even in the states with a high standard of living. Certainly, the share of sales of this production cannot be compared to the new goods which it is realized at Internet auctions in times more. To determine welfare of the citizen by this sign it is very difficult. The population of our country tries to save even kopeks therefore this category uses special demand.

In end, we publish the video which is visually showing process of purchase of the goods at popular Internet auction eBay.com.

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