How to earn on the blog

Now there are many free services for creation of personal blogs. The huge number of people conducts and reads blogs. In this article speech about will go what services of creation of blogs exist and how to earn on the personal blog created in one of such services.

Let's begin with the list of services on creation of blogs. Here some of the most popular services:

It is possible to look at more complete list here.

Be registered and create the blog in one of services, and it is possible to start earnings.

Earnings on sale of references from the blog can be carried out through the exchanges of references. I provide the list of the most profitable exchanges of references:

To start to earn on sale of references, it is necessary to be registered in system, to add a site, having chosen a code for placement - for static sites ("naked" html, a hosting without support of programming languages, a free hosting), or the similar name of a code, for different systems it a miscellaneous. The code which will be given out to you by system is necessary for placing in each record of your blog. After the beginning раскупки advertisers of references on your blog, you will need to add references to your site manually.

It is also possible to earn on services for bloggers. Here list:

Having registered in one of such services, you will receive tasks from advertisers on writing of various articles which will contain the reference to their site. For it will receive the quite good sums which size will depend on your diligence and a blog raskruchennost.

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