How to earn on video on the Internet

In article the short review of sites on which video placement is paid is presented.

If you love and are able to shoot interesting videos, would like to show them to many people and thus to earn money, then you should visit the sites specified below.


It is free service for loading, storage and viewing of any videos of files – from the amateur video shot on a cell phone camera, to qualitative clips and professional films.

Service has the partner program on which the registered users placing on a site the video with an interesting plot, receive for its each 1000 viewings on 100 rub. The price, of course, for such large number of viewings can seem to the low. However at high quality and an unusual plot of your roller, and also daily attendance of a resource in tens of thousands of users, it is possible to count on fast additional earnings in 50 dollars and above monthly.

Feature of a resource – except registration on the site, is required also registration and on by means of which payment (thus the minimum sum on your account will be made should be 500 rub).

It is best of all to place on a site small rollers in the flv format.


Registration on a site allows to add the references to any videos and to edit them in the system interface, adding comments and effects.

The video created thus can be placed on the blog, mailing or a site and to start to earn money, involving the new users clicking on such roller advertizing.


Service pays through PayPal for the original video data suitable under subject of a site.


Pays for video placed by you, from the money received from advertisers.

So be not afraid to experiment, choose service suitable you and start to receive money for interesting videos.

Advertizing: Site advertizing mailing of announcements - search advance of a site. Advertizing with payment for a click.

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