Comparison of payment systems Webmoney and Yandex. Money

Webmoney and Yandex. Money is the most widespread electronic payment systems in Russia. So what payment system is better: Webmoney or Yandex. Money? What to choose for continuous use? In this article advantages and shortcomings of both payment systems will be considered.

The main thing and doubtless advantage of Webmoney is that this payment system supports a set of various currencies and is popular not only in Russia, but also in CIS countries. Yandex. Money supports only rouble currency which is not used in other countries.

Webmoney offers the user some interfaces (so-called "keepers") on a choice: the classical (Classic) working through the special program, and as the browser (Light) simplified (Mini) and mobile (Mobile). Yandex. Money it is much simpler in development and does not assume use of the additional software.

The payment system Webmoney provides much bigger safety, rather than Yandex. Money as you should store files of keys and certificates. Besides, Webmoney supports notifications through SMS and authorization through Enum system. One of advantages of Webmoney before Yandex. Money arbitration existence is. In case of fraud in system you always can instantly block accounts of the swindler, while the user of payment system Yandex. Money it is necessary to write the application in police.

Webmoney is more convenient for businessmen, and to open SP now it is possible very simply, and owners of Internet shops because there it is possible to receive simply the certificate, while to users of system Yandex. Money it is necessary to sign the contract with the Yandex company that presumes to itself not everyone. By the way, many Russian Internet shops offer a discount at goods payment from the purse in system Yandex. Money.

As you can see, Webmoney practically in everything surpasses payment system Yandex. The money which supporters too suffice. Than to use — to solve to you. It is best of all to have, certainly, in the arsenal purses in both payment systems, especially that who often should pay services in a network or to accept payment from other users.

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