Earnings on дорвеях

If you want to earn from several hundred to several thousand dollars a month by means of the Internet, we offer you earnings with the help дорвеев. Most of all money it is possible to earn by means of a bourgeois traffic. Blogging дорвери perfectly approach under any partner programs. For example, it is possible to use Admitad.

Earnings on дорвеях

We create дорвеи by means of the free blogs blogger

The first that from us is required, it to visit a site Google and to register Gmail mail. Further, we are registered on blogger. If there is a possibility, register URL with keys, for example: rubalka.blogspot.com or igru.blogspot.com.

Now, we should download suitable templates for blogger. Someone does independently, some use ready options, others download. We swing a template and we edit it by means of a text editor, we delete from it all superfluous. We add keys and the description, we prepare for work with robots.

Surely we put the counter LI. To optimize the blog under search engines, we use widgets «Casual articles» and «The last articles».

The article placed on the blog can be unique or копипаст. It is better to write completely unique articles since копипаст quickly drops out of delivery. Create blogs of a thematic orientation and develop them. Each post should be accompanied by pictures with registered alt and title. Disconnect comments.

Articles are necessary for sharpening under 10-15 keys. The quantity of posts should be analogous. We use only LF keys.

To estimate: 1 point2 points3 points4 points5 points

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