The storage from "Yandex" opened

The largest in our country the Internet searcher opened free "cloudy" service which is intended for storage of files. He received the name «Yandex. Disk». Representatives of the company officially reported about it also. Now it is available only in the closed mode. The beta version extends only by invitations.

It should be notedIt should be noted that «Yandex. The disk» allows users to place the files having any type. However their total amount cannot exceed ten Gigabytes. Besides, new service will allow to store also various investments from the user mail on "Yandex". What it is necessary to make such site? To have a large number of servers for a loaded content.

At this storage it will be available both from the computer, and from the mobile device which is connected to the Internet. Files in «Yandex. A disk» it will be possible also to "share" with some other users.

In spite of the fact that only closed beta version of this service now operates, already shortly should appear and a final product. Let's remind that now on "Yandex" already there is a service «Yandex. The people» where it is possible to place фалы in the size less than five Gigabytes.

In end, the short video review of new service from Yandex.

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