Bing search for web designers becomes paid!

The Microsoft corporation plans to enter a monthly fee for application of the search engine Bing on sites of web designers, for example such as the Toy Store. The new financial model of the search engine Bing will start to operate in 2-3 weeks, and complete transition should take few months. The presumable price of use of the search Bing mechanism on foreign sites – will make 40 US dollars in 20000 inquiries/months.

Together with the monthly fee, each web designer will get access to the most detailed statistics of inquiries, and also to the improved mechanism of monetization of a traffic from Bing Search API service application.

In the course of transition to new commercial model of the search engine Bing, developers of Internet projects will have an opportunity absolutely free of charge to try to use on the sites Bing Search API system on Windows Azure Marketplace. After a while, service will not provide any more free possibilities of search for owners of sites.

Possibly, it is news becomes the real thunder among white day for foreign web designers, especially for what live in the United States. In turn, our programmers and owners of sites do not need special to excite, since the search engine Bing the practical is not used by domestic web designers. The monthly fee becomes a last straw in the sea that the Russian web designers who tried earlier this system in practice, more never used it. The most popular systems of search on sites at our compatriots – Google and Yandex. The main thing that they did not follow the lead of Microsoft corporation and did not enter a monthly fee for the search engines.

All of us face ware purchase sooner or later. Someone buys ware as a gift to the wife or the close girlfriend, others buy plates and cups since the child casually dropped and broke. Ware sale on the Internet is the modern direction of Internet business. Several years ago, anybody from us could not present itself(himself) purchase of a cup, a mug or a plate by means of the computer and the VISA and MasterCard bank card. Now, the most impudent imaginations start to come true. One of the biggest Internet shops of ware of a RuNet - Here the ware of the most known brands from all over the world is presented: Tongnana – Italy; Arcoroc – France; Casalinghi – Italy and many other remarkable trademarks.

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  • Oleg:

    Well and in what sense to pay for search when at Yandex and Google this function can be used free of charge, plus still to earn on it. Generally nonsense any.