"VKontakte" refused Google Maps use

"VKontakte" will not use any more the Google Maps card, services «Yandex were alternatively chosen. Cards» and Mapbox. Information on it was published in communities of Live Express which is an integral part of "VKontakte".

"VKontakte" refused Google Maps use

Now users of "VKontakte" have a possibility to choose between 2 types of cards: Open Street Map and Mapbox or to use «Yandex. Cards» from the Yandex company.

In Google Maps preview too is absent. If in preview there are images from the Google cards, instead of the card there is a mistake (the crossed-out card).

According to Live Express information, the social network of "VKontakte" refused Google Maps because of too high the price for a product which are taken by the company for appendix use. Any information on cost of use of the Google cards, no.

Because of paid use of the Google cards in due time Foursquare and "Wikipedia" refused them. Both online of service decided to use the Open Street Map cards.

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