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That the term "podkast" new to us means

This word in an English-speaking network call short videos or the audiorollers placed in a network by bloggers and web designers on the sites. With …

Features of a hosting of "hazardous" sites
Features of a hosting of "hazardous" sites

Not so long ago there passed a wave of closings of a casino, slot machine arcades and other objects of the hazardous industry. However, in the Network, as earlier, …

Principle of work of a plug-in of donation
Principle of work of a plug-in of donation

At installation on the resource of a plug-in of donation, first of all, it is necessary to remember that the population yet habitually adequately to perceive similar addresses …

White pictures as method of an unikalizatsiya of texts

Among a huge arsenal of methods of "gray" optimization and processing of a stolen content it is necessary to mention such cunning reception, as an automatic insert in …

What is the DoS-attack

DoS-attack (from English Denial of Service, refusal in service) is an attack to computer system with the purpose or to deduce it …

How to earn on video on the Internet

In article the short review of sites on which video placement is paid is presented. If you love and are able to shoot interesting videos, wanted …

Public pages of VKontakte

Following close Facebook, VKontakte presented new pages specially for corporate users. This type of sections which differ from the usual …

Official start in Russia

Multiyazychny a social network, now and in Russia. At present number of a social network more than 3 million people, by the end …

Domain Name Analyzer

Domain Name Analyzer — the free program for generation and check of domain names on employment. By means of it it is possible to scan lists …

Domains with TITs 20

Free domains from TITs 20 for June 17 2008. In total in the zone ORG. …