The automatic spamer – the competitor of systems of a contextual advertizing

There is such clever and useful software for needs of "gray" promotion, as autosabmitters. Possibilities of these programs provide automatic placement of useful information on pages of the most different sites: at forums, in guest books, in comments to blogs and so on. Certainly, as useful information advertizing more often acts, and these posts are perceived by owners and managers of resources as spam.

Anyway, but autosabmitters justify themselves as, despite fight against their activity, give increase in a traffic.

Moreover, being the owner of such remarkable program which can заспамить hundreds forums and guest books posts with advertizing, it is possible to open small advertizing agency and to offer service of promotion and advance by this method.

I think, this fact it is possible to explain rather solid cost of the most successful autosabmitters.

Advertizing: Bought bathroom equipment in - delighted with a bidet

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