should be a torrent clients convenient?

At present some torrent clients passed sufficient localization and the users beginning work with them, do not experience special difficulties. However, the interface of these programs, despite their enormous popularity, leaves much to be desired, namely – further completion and finishing of its such qualities, as clearness and intuitivism. Any of a torrent clients cannot brag of what to work with its settings easy, it is possible to speak only about comparative simplicity of training to work with different clients.

Quite explainably that the programs of such plan calculated on an exchange of piracy copies of media files, in itself cannot move ahead the solid companies. It is clear also that, if this "semi-legal" sphere got to a focus of interest of such companies as Google or Yandex, a torrent clients instantly would make breakthrough in the development.

Today speech can quite go about creation to service networks with detailed manuals on work with this software. Such service would make big success.

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