Weak place of a free antivirus of Avast

Avast antivirus much is good, its free distribution, lack of need заморачиваться with keys, registration, licenses and we designate – all this big pluses. At first sight, the antivirus is close to an ideal, but, as usual, there are small nuances.

It is noticed that Avast "is buggy" at work with the HR operating system (the most mass OS). The glitch looks so: when loading system the antivirus also is loaded and begins the work. But in certain cases (more often or more rare is as will carry) some of providers (parts of the main program code of an antivirus) can be started several times. For example, the Web-ekran provider can begin work in ten parallel processes or even more. As each of processes takes away on itself a part of random access memory, lag of other appendices, braking of work of system can become a result of such situation. The problem can be seen, having opened the Task manager and having convinced that in system process with the same name works.

How to fight against a glitch? First option: to give to system with gradually being loaded and being started antivirus some minutes at the beginning of work «for arrival to full consciousness». That is not to hurry with start of the browser and other appendices, there is enough minute three or five. It is noticed that in this case failure occurs much less often. The second way even more traditional – reset. The third way is suitable for «sure users» and consists in a stop of execution of providers of an antivirus and the subsequent their start (the way is not too reliable, reset after several minutes of fight against program settings in some cases is required).

As this failure is observed for Avast-ohm any more less than two years, it is difficult to predict, when authors of an antivirus will eliminate an error leading to a glitch.

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