«War for bookmarks», one more aspect

Whether there is a lot of at you in the browser of bookmarks? And if there is a lot of, whether that they are reduced in the catalog and distributed according to folders? If the quantity of bookmarks exceeds 70-80, and they treat different subjects and spheres of your interests, usually it is meaningful to resort to catalog creation from several thematic folders. Why people seldom so arrive, I do not know. It is probable, simple to spend laziness few minutes for ordering of this aspect of the life.

Such situation becomes a consequence of it: the user ceases to add in bookmarks the pleasant sites for the reason that: «them and so there is too much and not always it is possible to find the required reference». It is not so pleasant. After all the web designer wage «war for bookmarks», in this case, if at users the habit to add the pleasant site to itself in the favourites is not developed, the probability to lose the regular customer is great. War is lost right at the beginning?

I have in three browsers in bookmarks about 1000 references to the most different sites. After all in a network a large quantity of interesting things. Having only desire and about an hour of time, everyone can create to itself(himself) in the browser the catalog with folders in which it is possible to place as is wished many references to sites interesting you. Why itself to limit?

Web designers can advise to place on pages of the sites of article with unostentatious reminders on this simple fact. And also short manuals on creation of catalogs of bookmarks in various browsers for "especially presented" users will not prevent.

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