Get acquainted, Photoshop CS6! What the new?

This week in a network there was the first public beta release of long-awaited Adobe Photoshop CS6. It would seem, developers too were fond of the mobile Photoshop Touch that already and forgot about the "senior" version of the graphic editor. On March 22 the new product was issued. To load it for Windows and Mac OS X it is possible from an official site Adobe. Free OS, unfortunately, still are not supported by the program. The beta version weighs about a gigabyte for Mac OS X and 1,7 gigabytes for Windows. To users of Windows available two versions: 32-bit and 62-bit. Meanwhile imperceptibly any restrictions, nevertheless, service life of the beta version makes only 60 days (2 months) then you will be compelled legal or illegal image to get the full version.

The first that suffered considerable changes — the interface. The design of the interface was completely processed. Now the dark color scheme is by default offered, but fans of the old interface can activate it in settings. On the prompt appearing during loading of the program, the code name of a new Photoshop is filled out: Superstition. In transfer this word means "superstitions", so no wonder why on prompt a row represented a cat. By the way, now the Photoshop interface very much even reminds Adobe Lightroom or Premiere, and users of Mac noted similarity of the interface to Apple Final Cut Pro X.

The number of changes and innovations really impresses. From the main new functions it is possible to note:

  • for the first time for 22 years there was completely new set from 1800 icons and 250 cursors;
  • function of automatic preservation in a background mode is added;
  • there was a long-awaited support of stereoimages;
  • now the maximum size of a brush makes 5000 pixels;
  • the filter of imitation of a picture by the oil, known as Oil Paint is added;
  • the face recognition in photos and an automatic choice of corporal tones on base is added;
  • the shumopodavleniye is considerably improved, and also Adobe Lightroom 4 possibilities are added;
  • the algorithm of work of filling taking into account contents (Content Aware Fill) is improved;
  • productivity is considerably improved, data processing borrows much less time;
  • there was the expanded correction of distortions which is ideally suited for editing of panoramic and architectural photos;
  • three new filters of degradation are added: Field Blur, Iris Blur and Tilt-Shift;
  • in videos now it is possible to add the text, transitions and audiofiles;
  • the tool for removal of superfluous objects from the image (Patch) is improved.

Certainly, it is far not the complete list. More changes, than in the previous version are in total brought for 62 %. It is noted that 65 changes were made on the basis of responses and wishes of users. The final release is expected at the beginning of the second quarter of this year. Exact date of release remains to the unknown.

And at last video in which some innovations of the program are shown.

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