How to carry out the most effective run according to catalogs

Each of us (owners of sites) at least time registered the site in catalogs. At present it is the most widespread way of attraction of a large number of references to the site.

In this article I want to tell about types of registration of a site in catalogs and the most effective methods of its carrying out.

The main objective at any kind of registration in cats is obtaining the reference from a resource, actually in which you register a site.

The first - is necessary to make the competent, most complete and beautiful description of your resource. Moderators of catalogs eliminate many demands only because the resource characteristic is badly made, at all without having glanced on your site.

The second important point is an application in the necessary section. If register a site manually - it is not necessary to hurry up with a choice from the menu of the first point similar to subject of your site, see the menu till the end choose the most suitable section. If register automatically, try to pick up as it is possible keywords on your subject on which the section gets out, beginning from the most approached, finishing - remote. It will help to avoid unsuccessful registration in catalogs because the program will not find the necessary section of the catalog.

The third - make unique names and descriptions of your site by means of programs of generation or an unikalizatsiya of texts. The free program can be downloaded here. Unikalizatsiya will help to avoid some not sweat of search engines.

The fourth - for each run of a site use a new e-mail and login to avoid refusal of acceptance of a resource, because of available in base of the catalog of data on the owner of a resource.

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