SMO advance, main issues

SMO advance or social promotion of a site represents one or a complex of the actions directed on attraction of target audience of the Internet project from various social platforms. As a rule, it is considered to be social advance only those actions which VKontakte, to Twitter and so on promote attraction of a traffic from page of various social networks, for example. Actually SMO advance is more large-scale way of promotion which is also directed on involvement of target visitors from pages of such projects, as communities, the portals, some forums and so on.

It should be notedIt should be noted that recently the given method of promotion of web sites gains the increasing popularity that it is possible to explain several factors. First, by means of various social projects today it is possible to involve rather large number of a target traffic as social resources, if not to consider search engines, today are the most popular among users of Worldwide Network. Secondly, this type of advance demands some smaller financial investments, than SEO that allows to lower costs of site advance.

Also among other features of SMO of advance it is possible to note feature which is that it gives the chance to involve on resource pages only thematic, that is a target traffic that it is impossible to tell even about search optimization which, certainly, gives the chance to involve target visitors, however at structure of a search traffic, as a rule, there is a certain number of no-purpose visitors.

If to speak about the advance SMO methods, they can be divided into two main groups which are characterizing on object of the appendix of efforts. So, all actions for social promotion can be divided on internal and external.

External SMO is works on social promotion of the Internet project which are led directly on pages of social projects, namely: creation and maintaining thematic communities, groups, corporate pages, the publication of announcements of news of the project containing references entering on a site, on pages of foreign thematic pages, placement of references at forums and so on.

Internal optimization of a web site under social networks represents its specific control, that is introduction in structure of its pages of such elements, as buttons of various social resources, forms of a subscription to news of a site, a form of commenting of news and so on.

It is also necessary to note one more feature of SMO of advance which is that this type of promotion is absolutely safe that favourably distinguishes it from search optimization which can sometimes border on risk of imposing on a site of some filters of search services, some of which, for example, the filter of Yandex of AGS, can call into question further existence of a site.

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