Ways of promotion of a site

Today optimizers developed rather large number of various methods of promotion of web sites among which it is possible to mark out some main.

Ways of promotion of a site

Search advance

It is most effective of all main methods of promotion today. The essence of search advance is reduced to two main actions. This reduction in norm of structure, a content, navigation and other internal elements of any web site, and also providing the most important for it pages external references. As a rule, search advance assumes Internet project positioning in delivery of two search engines: Yandex and Google.

All methods of search advance can be divided on internal and external. Such methods, as the publication of the optimized content (the texts filled with keywords), optimization of a code of a web site, development of qualitative structure and a perelinkovka for it are internal. The main external action for search advance of a site is providing its pages with external references, which can be bought, or be put on a free basis.

Methods of search promotion can be divided on white and black. White methods are resolved by search algorithms, and black are a part of low blows of optimization of web documents. Use of the black SEO methods very often leads to imposing of filters on sites.

Social promotion

It also one of the main methods of promotion of Internet resources. The main objective of social advance is an attraction on web project pages as it is possible bigger quantity of a traffic from pages of social networks. Attraction of a traffic from social networks by means of the references left on their pages, and also advertizing is carried out.

All methods of social advance can be divided on internal and external. Internal mean site control under social resources, that is introduction in its structure of certain social additions (buttons, commenting forms and so on). External social optimization is necessary to provide resource pages still with a large number of social references.

It should be notedIt should be noted that today actions for social promotion also help to advance sites in search engines.

Among other things, it is possible to note one more group of ways of promotion of sites which are, as a rule, effective only if are used in a complex. It is Internet project promotion on pages of the thematic forums having good attendance, site registration in popular catalogs, and also obtaining references from comments to a content of thematic platforms.

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