Virus marketing in a network

So-called, virus marketing is one of the most effective and popular ways of advertizing today which is based on aspiration of people to share with friends and acquaintances information interesting in their opinion. Methods of virus marketing are not so new, however especially often began to be used only recently when gained popularity various social networks, blogs, forums and other Internet resources. The essence of these methods consists in creating favorable conditions for distribution of useful information among the potential buyers who have become interested in advertizing.

The system of virus marketing is used by many giant companies: IBM, Microsoft, Procter & Gamble, Nissan and many other.

To distinguish virus advertizing very simply: it extends users on a voluntary basis. Strategy of virus marketing simply induces people to extend information on a product, and the person becomes an active source of advertizing.

Popularity of virus advertizing essentially grew recently that is caused by more free access on the Internet and high speed of exchange of information. Internet users it is easy to exchange videos, pictures and audiofiles which are considered as the most popular advertizing media of this type of marketing.

Example from life: during communication in a social network you receive the reference to any interesting file or an amusing roller in which on a background advertizing of a certain product or service appears from the friend. You, probably, do not give special attention to the label seen for a moment, but even this second information will make the business – will be postponed in your memory and will emerge when the advertized product will get to you on a regiment in a supermarket.

The main objective of virus marketing is a distribution of advertizing in a geometrical progression. First of all it is necessary to create information virus – something that can seize attention of the user so that he wanted to share it with the environment. Differently, the advertizing virus should represent something unusual and fascinating, as will induce in the person desire of further distribution of received information.

Virus marketing can be effectively used in such direction as advance of sites. Users, placing information materials in the blogs with references to an advanced site, will help to raise site positions in search engines.

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