About danger of breaking of WebMoney

There was information from the people causing trust, that service of electronic money WebMoney which still quite recently were considered almost as a synonym of reliability, was exposed to breaking from hackers. Judging by messages, electronic purses were cracked and the solid sums are deduced. Certainly, such messages appeared recently and are very rare. It is possible to assume that the hacker (or hackers), found possibility to crack really powerful system of protection of WebMoney, is not interested in distribution on a network of a panic which will lead to mass withdrawal of money from this service.

Besides, knowing the mechanism of protection used in service and that it not casually was considered reliable still, it is necessary to notice that breaking of your purse for the hacker cannot be an easy problem, and will demand serious efforts ("work"). Thus, the users who are holding on the WMID accounts the large sums and not carrying out any of protective procedures, provided by service rather are endangered. It is logical to assume that the insignificant sum of money remaining on balance, is the most reliable way to protect in this concrete case.

However, if accurately and regularly to deduce money from service, also hardly it is possible to consider it as a guarantee. For example, cash paper money is capable to involve any more hackers, and ordinary thieves. Theoretically, the greatest safety will be had by the money deduced on bank accounts, but here it is necessary to mention that this form of accumulation has such minus, as restriction of possibilities of use of money for the intended purpose, that is for payment of purchases and services.

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