Official start in Russia

Multiyazychny a social network, now and in Russia. At present number of a social network more than 3 million people, by the end of the year owners of social service plan to expand audience of the Russian users to 10 million people. Soon founders of social service will spend about 10 million the US dollars for the Russian version, all means will be received as a result of private investment.

Official start in Russia

In difference from other social networks, possesses conclusive advantage, there is a built-in system of machine machine translation, so-called Dudu-Translate which will allow to communicate without special work to users from the different countries, at all without knowing another's language. At present the system works with Russian, Arab and English languages, will add also others soon: Chinese, Italian, Turkish, Spanish, French etc. appeared year earlier in Dubai, it presented in 2011. Naturally, as well as other social networks, in the user has possibility to add friends, to load a photo and video, to update the status, to play online of game and to do still a heap only. Except the computer version of a social network, mobile versions are already available to users on the iOS and Android platforms.

Android-application existence, allows users to use for communication not only expensive smartphones, but also cheap Chinese models of smartphones working under control of OS Android. The Chinese phones with delivery can be ordered in any Internet shop, which now a large quantity. The wide choice of the Chinese phones offers Internet shop In online shop copies of eminent brands are offered: HTC, Apple, etc.

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  • I delighted with dudu! The social network offers a set of convenient and habitual functions for users: system of the statuses, photo loading, addition of friends, news lines, groups on interests, and also such additional services, as online TV, radio, games and many other, well and certainly, the most important — machine translation of messages on the language!

  • Mark:

    I am very happy with a social network The automatic translator on dudu — a surprising thing: without knowing English I with ease and without barriers I communicate with English-speaking friends! Is in networks and a video chat which very much is pleasant to me.

  • Rita:

    the good project for youth, good fellows!